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Precision Gas Turbine - Inspection and Maintenance Services for FT8, SGT and V-Series Gas Turbines

About Us

Precision Gas Turbine was founded in 1997 by industry veterans, and is the only qualified non-OEM service provider that can supply complete support services for the Siemens fleet of SGT & V-Series gas turbines.

A leading provider of engineering, inspection, and maintenance services, Precision Gas Turbine specializes in the following unit types:

Pratt & Whitney FT8

V64.3 V64.3A V84.2 V94.2
V84.3 V84.3A V94.3A V94.3
SGT-1000 SGT5-2000 SGT6-2000 SGT5-4000

Experienced Personnel

Collectively, we have over 50 years experience in the gas turbine industry. Our staff is comprised former OEM trained specialists, constantly improving upon the methodologies & processes originally intended by the OEM.

Industry Trust

Our team thrives on being able to bring the entire breadth of their expertise to your projects, with a focus on techniques and advice that have been proven to extend the lifespan of your equipment. Our customers are leading voices in the industry that trust and rely on Precision Gas Turbine for their most time-sensitive projects.


Our mission is to provide a true and complete independent alternative, strictly focused on services and advice designed to reduce operations & maintenance costs while maximizing the lifespan of your equipment. Our services include:

Minor Inspections NDE Services Upgrades Repair Engineering
Major Inspections Failure Investigations Coatings Owner’s Representation
Outage Planning Parts Procurement Training Controls Support
Boroscopic Inspection Retrieval Services Labor Project Management



Toll Free:(866) 355-7960

Fax: (240) 363-6227