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  • Precision Gas Turbine Expands Services to Include Inspections & Condition Based Assessments of Pratt & Whitney GG8-3 Engines

    June 1, 2010

    In our continuing efforts to provide exceptional services to the power generation industry, Precision Gas Turbine (PGT) is pleased to announce that it has added the Pratt & Whitney GG8-3 to its portfolio of engine frame services. As firing temperatures are continually increased to produce higher output, the need to monitor hot section components becomes increasingly important. Using the latest technology in video-scope equipment and sophisticated inspection techniques, Precision Gas Turbine is now providing condition based assessments of the gas generators and power turbines. With our existing experience developed from our current client base, PGT’s technical personnel can identify & monitor problem areas in the engine as they develop, helping our clients maximize availability and better plan for future maintenance. “Both industry and our clients’ needs dictate where we focus our expertise, and right now we’ve identified the GG8-3 as an area potentially lacking in support from the OEM which can benefit from an alternative solution for critical services. We will continue to develop services and solutions to benefit this engine type.” Interested parties can contact Precision Gas Turbine at
  • Precision Gas Turbine Announces Completion of V84.2 Major Overhaul For PSEG

    Nov 15, 2009

    Precision Gas Turbine is pleased to announce the successful completion of the Fall 2009 Major Overhaul at the Bergen Generating Facility, a Public Service Gas & Electric Facility.  Precision Gas Turbine provided technical advisors to PSEG’s maintenance organization for the overhaul.
  • Precision Gas Turbine Announces Completion of V84.2 Lifetime Extension Overhaul For Sacramento Power Authority

    June 1, 2009

    Precision Gas Turbine successfully completed the Lifetime Extension Overhaul of the Sacramento Power Authority V84.2 combustion turbine on schedule. A total of 35 days were needed to conduct the inspection / overhaul that enabled the plant to continue operation of the unit past it’s intended life span. Numerous upgrades were implemented in the hot gas path that will allow the engine to continue reliable operation well into the future.


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