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Precision Gas Turbine can provide both Minor and Major Maintenance on gas turbines and generators in accordance with manufacturer maintenance procedures. Based on our extensive experience with OEM equipment and detailed knowledge of common unit failures, our knowledge base is ever expanding to give our customers the most up to date information on their engine type. Our involvement can be limited to technical direction or as extensive as providing turn-key maintenance services, depending on your organization’s in-house capabilities and resources.

Precision Gas Turbine uses state of the art technology in providing valuable planning, reporting, and all maintenance technical documentation. These include:
  • Scheduling – Level 3 schedules with resource loading. These schedules are continuously updated throughout the project.
  • Support Requirements – Expected resources required for manpower, unit preparation, tagging, I&C work, and start-up.
  • Cost Estimates - Detailed estimates are prepared to examine various staffing options, equipment, and parts requirements.
  • Reporting – State of the art electronic documentation of all findings, corrective measures, technical as found / as left information, parts consumption, and future recommendations.
Our inspections schedules can, if desired, include time for training personnel. Our goal is the optimal operation and maintenance of your equipment. We believe that increasing the knowledge that your team has regarding your equipment enhances the safe and successful operation of your gas turbine.

In planning and execution of Minor & Major Maintenance, Precision Gas Turbine provides the below specialized services which truly set us apart from other organizations:
Combustor Tiling Specialists
Precision Gas Turbine provides tiling services and procedures for both metal heat shield plates and ceramic refractory tiles in the hot gas path. Our team of experts can perform the work or train your personnel to do so. We can provide lists of tools required for this work to have on-site as needed, and provide regular mapping to track problem areas which may be addressed as warranty work.

Turbine/Compressor Blading Specialists

Precision Gas Turbine provides qualified bladers so as to minimize reliance on the OEM, especially in the case of unexpected outages. We have the ability to implement blade tracking programs and recommend third-party refurbishment vendors to minimize downtimes and costs. Precision Gas Turbine can also provide qualified millwright services when necessary.

Spare Parts Review and Recommendations

Precision Gas Turbine helps catalog required outage types and document the spare parts required for each type. Bulk purchase recommendations are made for common items with multiple applications, enabling greater purchasing efficiencies. We provide assistance with parts outsourcing, recommending parts that can comfortably be purchased from non-OEM vendors. Precision Gas Turbine continually works together with your team to develop a parts strategy that will minimize downtime and costs.

Special Tooling Review Audits

Precision Gas Turbine helps to identify special tools required for unit maintenance. We provide guidance for custom fabrication of tools not available for purchase from the OEM. By providing audits of site special tooling, we can evaluate a client’s state of readiness for both forced and scheduled maintenance and come up with a detailed plan of action for any situation.

Plant Tooling, Equipment, and Consumables

Precision Gas Turbine can assist in documenting the tools and equipment that will be required at individual plant facilities for various types of work. We can provide lists of consumables and estimated quantities required in executing common maintenance procedures, enabling bulk purchasing. We maintain relationships with qualified sources for common parts to help you minimize costs.
Inspection & Retrieval Services

Using state of the art boroscopic technology along with carefully developed inspection procedures, Precision Gas Turbine can provide a thorough evaluation of engine condition. Using these in addition to our extensive knowledge base of common unit issues and known problem areas, we provide our customers with a true condition based assessment of their engine. Our reporting and technical documentation is state of the art, and enables our customers to view both video and photographic documentation of findings along with our recommendations all with just the click of the mouse.

Our engineers will perform the Inspection Checklist and insure that all outage activities are executed with the high standard that your organization would expect. All personnel provided by Precision Gas Turbine have extensive gas turbine experience, and are well aware of all opening and closing procedures, including cleanliness criteria required when performing inspection activities. We are certain that you will find the workmanship of all of our personnel not only of the highest precision & quality, but with the utmost regard for unit and personnel safety as well. We strongly feel that Precision Gas Turbine Consulting, Inc. is the only organization that can provide a full array of services on the engines we service without the extra monetary burden of having OEM personnel on site.

Our boroscopic equipment is fully outfitted with retrieval capabilities. This capability has proven time and time again to save customers significant amounts of time and money.
Failure Investigations

The team at Precision Gas Turbine can help to ensure that satisfactory resolution of issues is achieved in the most time efficient manner. Precision Gas Turbine has a high level of mechanical knowledge of Siemens gas turbines – both their design and operation. Our fact-finders were instrumental in the introduction of the .3 and .3A gas turbines into the North American market and are familiar with inherent problems these machines experienced. Our staff has been integral in developing solutions to these problems with the Siemens design organization in Mulheim. With this background, Precision Gas Turbine can help represent your organization when faced with engine issues, providing independent investigation, advice, recommendations, and solutions.
Repair & Upgrade Engineering

Precision Gas Turbine’s engineering team can provide design consultation and engineering for common repairs required on the Siemens V-series gas turbine equipment. Unexpected findings are common when performing maintenance on any gas turbine. We view these findings as an opportunity to not just replace the damaged component with an expensive, long lead-time part, but to review the failure mechanism, analyze whether the component can be repaired or refurbished, and try to develop upgrades on the component to prevent similar damage in the future.

Installed equipment is constantly being looked at and assessed for possible enhancements. Such enhancements are recommended to improve overall plant safety, operability, and maintainability. Included with all such recommendations are detailed cost/benefit and risk analyses for cost justification. Precision Gas Turbine takes these ideas from the conceptual stage to final completion.
Other Services

Parts Procurement

With a long-standing industry presence, Precision Gas Turbine has developed relationships with various aftermarket suppliers of consumable parts for the fleets we maintain. Between this network of suppliers and our close relationships with the fleet users around the world, we can quickly find outage parts at significantly reduced pricing for maintenance or forced outages. We have access to a wide range of parts for the V64, V84, V94, SGT5, SGT6 and 501F fleets.

Controls Support

Be it Teleperm or T3000, Precision Gas Turbine is ready to assist with troubleshooting and other technical needs with regards to your engine's control system.

Project Management, Quality Control, & Custom Projects

As an independent organization, Precision Gas Turbine is able to provide a wide range of services and capabilities that can be customized to meet your specific needs. We can act as your personal representative for warranty & post-warranty work where a qualified second opinion is desired. We can also design and implement custom project programs or support your team in the development of its’ new projects.

Warranty Administration

Precision Gas Turbine helps to ensure that our client’s warranty period is most cost-effective and that claims are effectively managed and resolved. Our warranty administrators are adept at identifying issues and resolving them as they occur. A claims tracking database is developed and procedures for administering claims and disputes are implemented.

Owner Representation

Precision Gas Turbine can provide representation for both warranty and post-warranty work on turbines, generators, and auxiliary equipment. Our extensive design experience and knowledge of OEM specifications enable us to provide:
  • Daily progress reports
  • Quality audits
  • Approvals based on acceptable
    • Unit safety
    • Personnel safety
    • Codes and standards
    • Precedent
    • Standard best practices
    • Contractual obligations
    • Durability
    • Operability
    • Manageability
  • Commercial management
  • Work documentation and requirements
  • Final assessment and reporting of work performed
New Project Management
Precision Gas Turbine can help accelerate the planning and documentation of new projects. Our extensive industry expertise allows us to spot potential issues very quickly. More effective planning and oversight at the outset of a project leads to smaller punch lists, and overages, at the end of a project. We can supplement your team and provide:
  • Reviews of contracts or schedules
  • Design reviews
  • Vendor inspections for subcontracted work
  • Documentation, Audits and Tracking
  • Technical Direction
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Punch List Administration


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